How many times can I visit as a guest before joining?
As many times as you like.

What does it cost to be a member?
Currently, the cost to members is a maximum of $60.00 paid twice a year.
$45 goes to Toastmasters International and $15 goes to your local club.
Dues are collected every March and October.

New member pay a pro-rated portion of the $60.00 depending on when they join, plus $21.55 which gives you the Communication and Leadership manual.  The Toastmasters International and club dues are for operational costs such as awards, ballots, contest expenses, equipment, etc. For more information, please contact our VP of membership or any officers listed.

How do I become a member?
Once you fill out and turned in the membership application with the appropriate dues. There is a Toastmaster International requirement, in which you are to be voted in by the Club Members within 7-10 days. You will then have access to your Communication and Leadership manuals, Toastmasters International website, easy-speak role schedule, club calendar, and monthly subscription to Toastmaster Magazine, and so much more.

What happens after I join?
Congratulation, you are now a Speaking Machine member! One of the strengths of Speaking Machine Toastmaster club is we immediately assign a senior member as your mentor to help you through the unfamiliar jargon, duties, and the culture and expectation during your journey in our club. They will help you prepare for your roles in our meeting, your first speaking assignments and any questions and concerns you may have to ease the feeling of overwhelm of unfamiliarity. Our Vice President of Education will work with you on scheduling your first speech.

What if I can’t make the meetings every week?
We understand unforeseen life circumstances occurs and not everyone is able to attend every meeting. We always encourage you to make as many meeting as you can. Simply, because the more you attend the quicker you develop your skills and perhaps uncover other latent skills you possess. We will continue to work with you to meet your goals and accommodate your schedule.