February 21, 2024

Another Ed Johnson

Ed Johnson is special guest Model Speaker. He gives insights on how he changed as a person, in an instant.   
August 2, 2023

SM Plus: This Barbie Is A Rocket Scientist by Riana Menezez

In her insightful analysis, Riana Menezes delves into the delicate equilibrium of embracing her inner Barbie femininity in the professional sphere, all while commanding the utmost respect as a distinguished rocket scientist. Menezes skillfully navigates the challenging terrain of reconciling these seemingly contrasting aspects of her identity, skillset, and societal […]
August 2, 2023

SM Plus: Moments of Truth Part 1 by Joey Waldrop

In her speech titled “Moments of Truth,” Joey Waldrop shares valuable insights on establishing and maintaining an accountable group through honest feedback. Waldrop emphasizes the importance of creating an open and transparent environment where team members feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas. By fostering this culture of honesty, she […]
July 19, 2023

SM+: 5 Steps of Leadership by Melanie Stark

Melanie Starks has crafted a comprehensive framework called the 5 Steps of Leadership. This meticulously designed model serves as a guide not only for individuals in the business realm but also for those seeking personal growth. With her extensive expertise and experience, Stark’s leadership principles offer valuable insights for aspiring […]
July 19, 2023

SM+: It’s A Boy, It’s A Boy, Its a Girl by Donna Lewis

Donna Lewis, in her insightful account, delves into the intricate journey of becoming an adoptive parent, a path fraught with unexpected twists and turns. Through her experiences, she sheds light on the challenges and rewards that accompany the adoption process. Lewis offers a professional perspective on the topic, providing valuable […]
July 19, 2023

SM+: The Microchip by Dominic Johnson

In his analysis, Dominic Johnson sheds light on the concept of DNA-based microchips being covertly implanted in individuals through the administration of Coronavirus vaccines. Johnson delves into the intricate details surrounding this controversial topic, raising concerns about potential privacy infringements and ethical implications.
July 19, 2023

SM+: A Can Do Spirit by Francisco Carillo

Francisco Carillo, sheds light on the immense power of cultivating a “Can Do Spirit” and how it can pave the way for success and personal growth. Carillo emphasizes that having a positive mindset and unwavering determination can propel individuals to great heights in various aspects of life. By adopting a […]
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